M2=H2 (Meticulous Maintenance = Happy Homeowner)

BlackboardDid you know that, as a homeowner, you can do many simple maintenance tasks to extend the life of the components of your new home? Often, a new home buyer will move in to their dream home and not realize that periodic maintenance can make their investment not only last, but appreciate in value over time. Our next several blog posts will detail a few of these simple things to help you in your home-owning experience.

Before you move in to your new home, be sure to check all major components to verify that your builder has done everything to your specifications. If anything is amiss, contact your builder’s warranty service department to request repairs within a specific time frame. Also be sure to ask your builder the location of things such as the circuit breaker panel, water shut-offs, gas shut-offs, sewer cleanout, phone box and any buried systems or lines, such as propane, electric, cable and phone.


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