M2=H2: B is for Bath Fixtures

Bathtubs, sinks and showers can be composed of china, porcelain enamel or fiberglass-reinforced plastic. All of these surfaces can be damaged by harsh chemicals, gritty materials or things which can scratch or stain the surface. In addition, each of these surfaces has its own care checklist.


CHINA & PORCELAIN ENAMEL: While these surfaces appear to be glossy and impervious to damage, they can be scratched or chipped. Abrasive cleaners will also damage the finish. Use either a cleanser which is non-abrasive, or use a mildly abrasive cleaner with a lot of water.

STAINLESS STEEL: These surface resists staining very well. Clean with a non-abrasive cleanser, or a specific cleaner made for stainless steel.

PLASTIC: A plastic surface will stain and scratch very easily. Use only a non-abrasive cleanser with such surfaces. If the finish begins to look dull, you can apply a wax or surface protector finish to restore the shine and to make daily cleaning easier.

GLASS: Some shower doors are glass. For regular cleaning, use liquid dishwashing detergent. DO NOT use bar soap, as it will leave a residue. In addition, after every use, wipe the glass with a sponge to avoid water spots.


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