M2=H2: E is for Electricity

While you’ve already learned about what circuit breakers are and how they function, there is more to know about the electrical service provided to your home.


OVERLOADS: As you may remember, when a circuit overloads, the breaker is tripped. But what if this occurs again and again? Chances are good that you are plugging too many small appliances or one large appliance into a circuit which cannot handle that load. At that point, you should contact an electrician to see if you need a different type or additional wiring.

GFCIs: Another facet of your electricity are ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). These are installed in any place you may be using water and electrical appliances simultaneously, such as in the bathroom or kitchen. If an electrical appliance were to fall into water, these interrupters would immediately cut the flow of electricity to protect you from harm. Once per month, you should test the GFCIs with the “test” button on the outlets. Sometimes, a GFCI will trip unintentionally. If a GFCI outlet suddenly stops working, try pushing the “reset” button to correct the problem.

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