The “Dirt” on … Dirt

You have a new home! It’s just as you envisioned, and it’s squeaky-clean and lovely. How do you keep it in this pristine state, when you have kids and pets and all sorts of potential messiness and dirt? Read on!

Dirt 2

SHOES: You would be amazed at how much dirt you track in on your shoes. Even if you have a doormat or rug at your entrances, shoes still retain not just grit and grime, but they can harbor bacteria and other disgusting things too. Do you really want that spread on floors your little toddler crawls on? A better idea is to keep a shoe bin of some sort at the main door and ask your family to remove shoes at the door. Ideas for a shoe bin: wicker basket, shoe rack, wooden box, plastic tote or plastic tray.

DOORMAT: A doormat will catch any dirt on those grimy shoes as they are being removed. It’s best to have one outside your door and then another inside the door. A rug inside the door will also work well, as long as it is non-slip. Be sure that whatever you choose, that it is washable and easy to clean.

PETS: If you have dogs or cats that spend time inside and outside, you know that they, too can track in a substantial amount of dirt. Keep an old towel near the door and wipe their paws before releasing them into your home. In addition, most pets shed fur and dander. Keep up with these sorts of allergens with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter.

AIR FILTERS: If you have central air or forced hot air heat, you will have an air filter on your blower unit. These filters need to be cleaned or changed regularly, as they will collect dirt particles that get airborne. Check every 1-2 months to keep your air in fresh, clean condition.

REGISTERS AND VENTS: Any system that uses air filters also has vents and air returns. Again, as air passes through these, dirt and dust will start to build up. Pet fur will definitely collect on them as well. To prevent a strain on your system, and to keep your air clean, vacuum and clean these every time you dust and sweep.

WINDOWS: Although it is glorious to let a fresh breeze circulate through your home, keep in mind that outside air will bring in any pollutants and dirt that is in your area. It will also circulate pollen and mold spores that can cause allergies.


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