M2=H2: A is for AC

While we realize it’s still pretty cold outside in much of the US, warmer weather will arrive before too long. To prepare for those sweltering summer days, start now to think about how to get your system in top condition for the weather ahead.


It is super easy to keep your home’s AC in great shape to give you years of dependable cooling. Here are areas which you should regularly check.

FILTERS: Almost every central air system has a filter installed to remove allergens, such as pet hair, dust and other undesirable substances, from your air. Often, this filter is replaceable – just check the dimensions and numbers on it to make sure the replacement you are getting will fit correctly. Occasionally, homes will have a filter which is washed or vacuumed rather than completely replaced. Follow your AC’s instruction manual for the proper way to do this. Filters should be changed/cleaned every 3 months.

VENTS/REGISTERS: If a room is not being used, close the registers in that area. In addition, always keep the air return intakes clean of debris. If you adjust these return intakes seasonally, you will save on your heating and cooling costs. In the summer, open the top vents and close the bottom ones. Hot air will rise to exit at the top, and cool air will stay in the room. In winter, reverse the process: open the bottom vents and close the top ones. Cold air will exit and hot air will remain.

INSPECTION: Once per year, you should have your AC system checked and cleaned by a professional.


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