M2=H2: G is for Garbage Disposal

It’s almost a given that your new home has a garbage disposal. Honestly, it’s not even something we think about much; we just use it. But did you know that from time to time, you will need to troubleshoot your garbage disposal? Read on to see how.


Never put stringy things like potato peels in your garbage disposal!


When you run the disposal, you should always use COLD water, even with greasy substances. After the food is ground, turn off the unit and let the water run for a few more seconds. Also keep in mind that a garbage disposal is for food waste, not bones, not seeds or pits, not paper products, not pure grease. In addition, avoid grinding stringy things, such as banana peels, potato skin shavings or corn husks. Any of these items will wrap around the grinding mechanism and cause a clog or a jam.


When your disposal encounters something it cannot handle, it will likely shut off. If this occurs, turn off the *circuit breaker, remove the substance jamming it, turn on the circuit breaker and press the reset button on the disposal. (Check your manual for the location of this) The garbage disposal should now work. If it still does not run, once again turn off the circuit breaker and locate the hole in the bottom of the disposal. Your unit should have come with a hex wrench. Insert this wrench into the hole and turn it a few times. This should serve to unjam anything that is still stalling your unit. Again, turn the circuit breaker back on and test the disposal.

*Warning: ALWAYS turn off the circuit breaker before putting your hand into the disposal or before using a wrench to unjam it.


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