Remodeling Too!

While you may know that American eBuilder offers new home warranties, you may not know that we have warranties for older homes too, in the form of Remodeler’s Warranties. Read on to learn more!

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5 Year Remodeler’s Warranty

If you’re having remodeling work done on your not-quite-new home, bringing it up to date, adding on to it, or having it spruced up, why not ask your Remodeling Contractor to offer you a 5-year American eBuilder warranty on his work? That way, you get the same stellar coverage and peace of mind if anything goes wrong as someone with a new home would receive.

The Remodeler’s Warranty is an express limited warranty. It contains details about exactly what is covered in writing. Your Remodeler can customize it for you by specifying the exact work he is doing on your home. This warranty includes coverage of 1 year against faulty workmanship and 5 years of protection for warranted structural components.

If a problem does arise, we attempt to resolve the issue with our dispute settlement service. Having terms and conditions written out before something happens can protect your remodeled home and will give you wonderful peace of mind. If this sounds like a good idea, please refer your Remodeling Contractor to our American eBuilder website for more information. Protect your investment today!


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