Who We Are

American eBuilder and American eWarranty are two faces of the same company. American eBuilder provides trusted, high-quality builders with warranty coverage for their customers. American eWarranty issues the warranty to the home buyers.


Peace of Mind!

Are you buying a new home or having renovations done? If so, American eWarranty can give you peace of mind and assurance. A typical 10-year warranty covers:

  • Workmanship and Materials for 1 year
  • Systems for 2 years
  • Structural Components of the home for 10 years

Always refer to your written warranty booklet for details to determine specific coverages and exclusions.

See more at: americanewarranty.com


Point! Click! Print!

Are you a Builder, Remodeler, Real Estate Agent or Lender needing the home warranty professionals count on for reliability, convenience and simplicity?
We can help. Here’s what you get:

  • Warranties available on your schedule 24/7
  • FHA/VA HUD accepted
  • Affordable & customizable

And you get much more with the ON-LINE, ON-TIME, UN-EQUALED
American eBuilder Warranty Program.

See more at: americanebuilder.com


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